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UNESCO Chair in Bioethics

Information and inscription

  • Bioethics and Law Observatory
  • UNESCO Chair in Bioethics
  • University of Barcelona
  • Ave. Diagonal 684,
    Faculty of Law
  • 08034 Barcelona
  • Tel. (+34) 93 403 45 46

EXPONANO "Smaller than small: debating nanotechnology". Barcelona


«EXPONANO. “Smaller than small: debating nanotechnology” forms part of a European project , Nanodialogue, which aims to provide information and encourage debate about nanotechnology and its consequences for our everyday lives.

  • What are nanotechnologies and what can they do for us?
  • How will they change our lives over the next twenty years?
  • Are we facing a technological revolution or is it the evolution of current technology?

We organize guided visits to the exhibition. They include taking part in a game developed as part of the European project DECIDE , which is designed to stimulate debate.