Master in Food Ethics and Law

UNESCO Chair in Bioethics


  • Bioethics and Law Observatory
  • UNESCO Chair in Bioethics
  • University of Barcelona
  • Faculty of Law
  • Ave. Diagonal, 684
  • 08034 Barcelona
  • (+34) 93 403 45 46
  • Master in Bioethics and Law
  • (+34) 93 403 45 46


Program Goals

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Specific goals

  • To provide specific tools that allow food professional to assess legal compliance issues in the food industry.
  • To provide training  for ethical assessment forfood and gastronomic research.
  • To provide an overview of the legal, political and institutional framework in which European food safety policy is developed.
  • To provide specific tools for the understanding of the EU's I+D policy and funding oportunities.
  • To give lawyers specific training in EU Law together with a public policy from a food technologist perspective.



It is particularly aimed at graduates and professionals such as:

  • From scientific disciplines such as Veterinarian Science, Food Technology, Gastronomy, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Farmacy, Biotechnology, among others.
  • From the social sciences, such as journalists and public policy experts, looking for a focus on food issues.
  • Lawyers looking at specific training in EU & global Food Law with an overview of public policy issues in the field.