Master in Food Ethics and Law

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  • Master in Bioethics and Law
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The Master program

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MODULE I. Introduction to Law

The aim of the module is to provide basic knowledge that enables students to understand the functioning of the legal system and the particularities of law over other normative systems. It is specifically design for professionals from disicplines other than law. it will includeon the analysis of the available electronic tools that can help professionals when dealing with the law. On the other hand, the module will deal with specific areas of law such as administrative law, intellectual property or criminal law that may affect the activities of this particular industry.


Food Law regulation are highly technical are frequently amended - each month more than 10 regulations on food safety are approved or amended at EU level -. The main objective of the module is to understand the structure of the EUfood law as well as to provide students with legal training that allows them to apply the law automonously.

MODULE III. Food Issues & Public Policy

This module will consist on analyzing the framework for EU public policy “From farm to fork” as well as studying specific cases from other regions such as Latin America or the United States. Also, lecturers will provide traning on specific policies relating to food & health or sustainability along the food chain, among others. 

MODULE IV. Food Ethics & Research and Innovation

This module aims to provide students with necessary tools to understand and analyze the ethical and bioethical implications of food and gastronomic innovation. Also, this module analyzes Eu research policy and how ethical considerations have become an essencial criteria for the evaluation of R+D project proposals.

MODULE V. Master Thesis

The dissertation is a research work supervised by a tutor. Students will review the state of the art of a specific topic o food law policy or ethics, and will also provide an original Argumentation on the topic.