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"Rethinking chronic pain"

The Lancet

To  live  with  chronic  pain  is  to  live  with  daily  challenges  around  simple  tasks  that  others  take  for  granted.  It  often  means   being   disbelieved,   stigmatised   for   not   getting   better,  or  judged  as  not  coping.  It  might  mean  living  with  poor  mental  health  and  self-esteem,  absenteeism  from  school  or  work,  the  breakdown  of  relationships,  and  socioeconomic  disadvantage.  For  society,  the  costs  are staggering: low back pain is the leading cause of years lost  to  disability  and  chronic  pain  costs  billions  of  dollars  through  health  system  expenditures,  productivity  losses,  reduced quality of life, and informal care.