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"HIV in the age of COVID-19"

The Lancet Infectious Diseases

As the world marks the 40th anniversary of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, we ask what impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on HIV programmes around the world. Talha Burki reports.Last year, UNAIDS warned that if the COVID­19   pandemic   interrupted   access   to   antiretroviral   therapy   (ART)  for  6  months,  sub­Saharan  Africa   could   see   an   additional   500000  deaths  from  AIDS­related illnesses.  Thankfully,  the  world  has  avoided  such  a  catastrophe  (at  least,  for  now).  The  global  HIV/AIDS  data  for 2020 have not yet been released, but the indications are that provision of  ART  has  largely  been  maintained.