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European Association of Global Bioethics

The European Association of Global Bioethics aims at implementing research and education on the ethical problems risen by the ongoing developments in the Life Sciences and Technologies. The European Association of Global Bioethics is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary forum open to everyone interested both in fundamental and applied reflection on bioethical problems. The European Association of Global Bioethics conceives Bioethics as: a secular ethics based upon respect for freedom of conscience and the inalienable dignity and integrity of each and every person as well as respect of nature; a pluralistic and universalistic domain, one not restrained by moral conventionalisms, political biases, religious persuasions, social uses or cultural habits, but open to the values carried by the former; a critical and autonomous field distinct from juridical regulation, professional deontology and confessional morals.


  • 30 de septiembre y 1 de octubre 2011: "Jornada sobre Posiciones Laicas en Bioética", Barcelona (España).
  • Abril 2008, La Coruña (España).
  • Noviembre 2007, Lisboa (Portugal).
  • Mayo 2007, Bilbao (España): 3d Meeting of the European Association of Global Bioethics (EAGB).
  • Marzo 2006, Barcelona (España): Scientific Meeting Multiculturalism and Health.


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