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The University of Barcelona has a new protocol against sexual harassment and chauvinist behaviour


The Governing Council of the University of Barcelona, gathered today in ordinary session, has approved of a new protocol for the prevention, detection and action against sexual harassment situations and discrimination due sex, gender identity and sexual orientation, and other chauvinist behaviours. This normative updates the protocol that was approved by the Governing Council of the University of Barcelona on February 13, 2014.

Among the main principles in the new report is the one on the chasing of not only sexual harassment situation but also chauvinist behaviour affecting the academic and working life at the University of Barcelona. Also, this protocol adds the dimension of gender identity and brings protecting measures which were not present in the previous one. The protection at the UB covers those attitudes that happen outside the buildings of the University in activities carried out by academic bodies and which are related to the teaching activity or the academic and working life of the institution.

Among the objectives the protocol predicts are behaviour prevention, reparation of damage and sanction for the authors of such behaviours; information, training and raising awareness for all UB members regarding this topics; providing guidelines to identify situations of harassment and chauvinist behaviours, and launching a fast procedure for an intervention and assistance to solve those detected situations and those that could be prevented from happening.  Assistance measures consist on psychological care and support and legal assistance to register penal reports.

This protocol applies to all UB members –students, teaching and research staff, and administrative and service staff- and those people who are not part of the university community but provide the UB with services, such as the suppliers.

Governing Council support to ILP
The Governing Council supported ILP Universitats, which, among other measures, asked for a reduction of the university fees in Catalonia, the highest ones in Spain. Regarding the students, it also ratified the Regulation of student groups and associations of the University of Barcelona, which regulates and supports the creation of associations within the UB.

In his report, the rector Joan Elias commented on the University joining the climate emergency declaration. Also, the vice-rector for Teaching and Academic Planning, Amelia Diaz, presented a first draft for the future UB Strategy Plan 2030 and commented that it will be soon published via all communication channels of the University of Barcelona to promote the participation of the university community.