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New Title “Bioethical Issues in and from Latin America”


We present a new book in the collection "Bioethical Issues", under the direction of Professor Maria Casado (UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, University of Barcelona).

The book Bioethical Issues in and from Latin America (Ed. Civitas, Navarra, 2012. ISBN: 978-84-470-3892-3) has been coordinated by Professor Maria Casado (OBD) and Professor Florencia Luna (FLACSO). This book aims to show a Latin American bioethics, different from that which appears as the official story, through a selection of authors and subjects that shows a way of doing bioethics usually silenced. A kind of bioethics whose opinions do not receive so much coverage in the media, but which, however, unites relevant people who are concerned about certain problems, expressing them in plain terms with the aim of providing feasible, non-dogmatic solutions that allow us to continue advancing in the same direction. This can be achieved through consensus by improving as much as possible the data and promoting debate on such relevant issues that affect the lives of those involved. This is an interdisciplinary reflection, not only philosophical, medical or legal reflection and this implies a wide-ranging pluralistic and multi-disciplinary conception of bioethics based on rigorous scientific knowledge and analysis of the arguments and reasons which support each of the various options at stake. The context of this style of bioethics is based on recognised human rights, i.e., on the international instruments which establish a range of rights that are fundamental for humans. These human rights are not so much a slogan but a unique, legally binding, minimum level of ethics.

The book is divided into three parts: an overview of bioethics in Latin America, which intends to provide the main themes that run through certain characteristics of Latin America as the presence of religion, violence, poverty, or the distance between theory and practice. The second part, Bioethics and Health in Latin America, attempts to show the current situation, knowing that these issues are problematic in all parts of the world but in Latin America with its own characteristics. The third part is devoted to issues related to research, an area of enormous relevance to the region, which is actually a section with remarkable specificity.

For more information of the book and the collection "Bioethical Issues" please visit www.bioeticayderecho.ub.es/publicaciones

Available online at http://tienda.derecho.com/cuestiones-de-bioetica-en-y-desde-latinoamerica.html

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