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"Equity in excellence or just another tax on Black skin? "

The Lancet

There  is  a  cost  to  being  Black  in  the  UK:  a  tax  on  the  colour  of  a  person’s  skin.  It  is  the  price  paid  for  other  people’s  perceptions  of  what  skin  colour  means  about  one’s  abilities,  behaviour,  or  worth.  Black  people  pay  in  many  ways,  including  poorer  health,  higher  rates  of  litigation against them, and slower career advancement. These  adverse  impacts  are  well  described;1–3  strategies  to  address  them  have  been  far  too  slow  in  coming.3 Black  people  also  pay  a  minority  tax—ie,  the  burden  of    additional    responsibilities    placed    on    them    by    organisations in the name of diversity.


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